I’ve been in the entrepreneur world for a little over 6 months now and there is SO much no one told me. For those who are thinking of going full time soon, take some of this rookie advice and prepare for your new life.


  1. Surround Yourself with Positivity


Thankfully for me, my family and friends have remained positive and supportive since I made my decision. I partially think it’s because I had been speaking about going full time for over a year now so they were mentally prepared for the day I finally quit.


  1. Save Business Woes for Other Entrepreneurs


While having supportive family and friends are great, try to save your business woes for your business friends if possible. When things aren’t going as planned, sometimes your family’s first reaction may be for you to pick up a part-time job, or consider going back to work. However, a business owner will tell you to stick it out or provide you with tools or tactics to grow your business. If being an entrepreneur is truly what you want, you have to tune out the noise.


  1. Invest in Tools to Make Your Life Easier


At some point you may outgrow your current systems and need to invest in tools to make your life easier. From task management, time trackers, to social media management tools — you have to be willing to invest in your growth.


  1. Don’t Stay Married to Current Tools


I’ve been in business for 5 years and as I’ve grown, I’ve had to move systems and platforms. I’m not using the same task management tool or social media management tool I started with. I am also in the market for a new e-commerce and email marketing tool. If your current systems can’t grow with you, let them go!


  1. Find ways to destress


As much as I love the HUSTLE, I understand the need for rest. For me, I enjoy meditation, going to church with my family and friends, and working out. If you have a hard time recognizing when you need to destress, get yourself an accountability partner! At times, I have good friends who remind me when I need to relax. Overtime, you’ll be able to recognize when your anxiety is high and you’ll be able to keep yourself in check.


  1. You’re not alone


All entrepreneurs are stressed, anxious, and feeling like there’s still so much more work to do. You’re not alone! Find your tribe and surround yourself with people who can relate to the hustle.


I hope you found these tips helpful! Did I miss anything? Comment below!


17 Tips for Entrepreneurship

This week I’m celebrating 17 months of entrepreneurship! If you would have asked me on April 8, 2019 if I was ready for multiple lessons, challenges, and a worldwide pandemic, I would have said “absolutely not.” Now, here we are! 


I have surely learned and grown A LOT! Check out my 17 tips for aspiring and new entrepreneurs…


  1. Make a plan before you quit.

Create a game plan before you walk out of your day job.


  1. Get an accountant — seriously. 

Shout out to Touche Financial Solutions!


  1. Raise your prices!

Know your worth, then add tax.


  1. Create better contracts.

Find a good lawyer to help you create a contract template.


  1. Never stop networking.

Your tribe is sooooo important. 


  1. Never stop learning.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so stay open-minded.


  1. Be open to change.

Sh*t happens.


  1. Invest in your professional development.

You have to keep evolving!


  1. Create a “fun” budget — you deserve it.

Girls night is crucial to my sanity.


  1. Take a vacation!

Yaaaas for San Juan, PR — low key want to live there.


  1. Remember your WHY.

This will carry you through the tough days. 


  1. Do not overwork yourself. 

You can make yourself physically ill from stress and anxiety. Please, take care of yourself.


  1. Create time for your family, friends, and partners. 

Work can wait. Family cannot. 


  1. Make smart decisions with your money and time.

Review your business expenses and current project load often. 


  1. Cut back on unnecessary expenses. 

Do you really need that new bag? New shoes? New clothes? Abandon cart!


  1. Work ON your business often.

Administrative things, building your brand, reviewing your finances, etc.


  1. Have fun! 

Because that is why we chose entrepreneurship in the first place!


Sounds easy enough, right? If you’re considering entrepreneurship, or if you are currently an entrepreneur, schedule some time to connect with me and let me know what’s holding  you back/what have been your greatest struggles.